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What we can do for you.

We can help you build a solid foundation one reliable employee at a time. With staffing cost running at an all-time high, maintaining the appropriate staff level has never been more critical. Associates Staffing may already have the right person for your positions. We give you many options, including the direct hire program.

We also provide workers on a short or long term basis. Instead of spending your company's time and money, rely on the expertise and proven system of Associates Staffing.

You decide.

Choose our expertise to customize a solution that fits your HR or out sourcing requirements ...a solution designed to strengthen your competitive edge and give you more time to concentrate on leading your business into the future.

We will immerse ourselves in your business and gather details about your goals, equipment, procedures, supervision, etc. This system will allow us to build business solutions based on business relationships. That means we send you people who will succeed in your workplace and provide services that make your business more efficient and profitable.

Whether you need one employee or 100, we will work with you to develop a solution that best supports your needs. We can provide a contingent staff on a short or long term basis. Or, we can customize a direct-hire program for you.

Need one sharp person? How about a complete workforce?
We Can do that!